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When you live in New Jersey, you expect to deal with cold temperatures and snow. What you don’t want to have to worry about is dry winter skin. It chaps. It doesn’t feel comfortable. At Riello, many of our residents love to spend time outdoors, but that’s when the cold weather makes it hard to enjoy soft skin. If you’ve found your hands feel more like sandpaper than you would like them to, there are a few solutions that can help.

If your skin is chapped and painful, or you have any type of open sore resulting from the temperatures and wind, get in to see your doctor. That’s necessary to ensure your skin remains well protected from infections. For others, try these steps to finding relief for dry winter skin.

  • Stop drying out your skin with hot water. Reduce the length of time you spend in the shower each day, especially with hot water. This removes much of the natural oils in your skin that help to protect it.
  • Use a high-quality, organic moisturizer each day. Apply to your skin after you shower. It is important to choose one that is as natural as possible. And, be sure to apply it throughout the day if your skin seems to feel dry again.
  • Be sure to maintain some level of moisture in your home. Use a humidifier in the winter months. This helps to add more moisture to the area that the furnace pulls out. Run it throughout the night, especially when you are sleeping. This can help you to see less dry skin but also easier breathing throughout the day.
  • It’s important to pay close attention to your skin. If it starts to become damaged or so dry that it hurts, do not wait to see your doctor. This can lead to an infection quickly. Paying close attention to your skin now ensures it will look beautiful all year long.

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