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Closet With Clothes

How to Organize Your Closet for Your Summer Clothes

Closet With ClothesIt’s summer and with it comes a whole new wardrobe. You likely are battling the need to add a few more pieces to your current look, but wondering about the best way to organize it all. When that sea air is calling your name, it pays to spend a few hours organizing your summer clothing. Luckily, when you live at Riello, you have ample living spaces with lots of storage. But, even in our apartments in Edgewater, you still need some help to have it all ready to go.

Tips to Make it Easy

Our goal is to help you make your living spaces as functional as possible. When it comes to organizing your closet, the process doesn’t have to be difficult. Be a bit more creative. These tips can help you.

  • Pack up some of your winter clothes so they are out of your way. A few simple totes are all you need for this task. By actually moving these items out of your main clothing closet, you gain the access you need for organization.
  • Use drawers instead of hangers. With summer items – such as bikini tops and bottoms – it’s hard to use hangers for ample organization. The same is true for tank tops. These smaller items can easily be tucked into a drawer instead.
  • Focus on creating outfits as you do laundry. Put items away that you’ll likely use together. That top and short set, for example, is ideal together. Keep them stored together.

Summer clothes take up much less room than your items for any other time of the year. Yet, because they are smaller and lightweight, they are also easy to lose. That’s why you’ll want to spend the time to organize it all. It’s worth the investment to be able to grab and go when you are heading outdoors to enjoy the weather.

Living Near it all Makes all of the Difference

When you live at Riello, you live within minutes of fantastic restaurants and shopping areas. Why not take advantage of it all? If you wish you could have these amenities minutes from your home – and all of the storage you need to make it possible – contact us today for a tour of our apartments in Edgewater.


4 Refreshing Drinks to Make to Cool Down During the Summer

MojitoYou love hosting parties at your Edgewater apartment every summer. From gorgeous decor to delicious snacks, your efforts result in an enjoyable get-together. Amp up the fun even more by serving a refreshing selection of drinks. The following beverages will ensure that you are the coolest cat in all of New Jersey:

The 4 Most Refreshing Drinks to Enjoy This Summer

Pineapple Mojito

Sweet yet satisfying, this pineapple mojito is the perfect refreshment for your summer soirée. Mash sugar, mint leaves, and lime together with a pestle. Add club soda, pineapple juice concentrate, and white rum. The finishing touch is ice to ensure a cool, refreshing drink.

Strawberry Lemonade Slushies

The great thing about slushies is that they excel as both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you’re throwing a casual party, combine lemon concentrate, ice cubes, strawberries, and water. Add a little rum if your guests desire alcohol. Either way, they’ll love your tasty slushies.

Coconut Water Cocktails

Trendy and delicious, coconut water is the perfect ingredient to add to your cocktail arsenal. The options are endless, but if you’re looking to keep things simple, combine coconut water with lemonade and tequila. Shake in a cocktail shaker and serve with lemon as a garnish, if desired.

Italian Cream Soda

Forget the overpriced bottled version; make your own Italian cream soda and prepare to impress your guests. All you need is half a cup of club soda, two tablespoons of your favorite Torani syrup, and heavy whipping cream. Include a tablespoon of cream in the soda and syrup mix, and then make your own whipped cream to add on top. Alcohol is optional; if you prefer an adult beverage, swap Torani syrup with your liquor of choice.

Drink selection can make or break your summer afternoons, so be sure to offer a range of options to please every guest. Whether you’re planning on throwing a huge party, having a handful of guests over, or just hanging out on your own, the right drink will ensure that you stay cool and have a wonderful time.

The apartments at Riello offer luxury living to match your taste in cocktails. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about our community.

Hotel Hallway

Enjoy a Summer Vacation at a Waterton Managed Hotel

Hotel HallwayIf you live in Riello, you already know just how fabulous Edgewater apartments can be at any time of year. Not only do you live in a vibrant community, but you’re also just a few minutes from the most exciting metropolis in the world. But when those summer winds start blowing through your window, maybe you want to travel a little further than NYC. If you’re thinking of taking a vacation this year, you might want to know about another perk of living at Riello.

Waterton Hotel Discounts

Waterton manages residential communities, such as Riello, but they also manage hotels across the U.S., too. By being with the Waterton family, you enjoy exclusive discounts when you choose their properties. Until August 31, 2017, you can enjoy these special rates at the following hotels (prices are subject to change). Also, to book your stay, simply call the special phone number associated with the hotel of your choice and request the Waterton corporate rate.


  • Westin San Francisco Airport and Aloft San Francisco Airport: starting from $159 weekdays, $99 weekends
  • Hyatt Place San Jose: 20% off best available rate


  • Courtyard Boston Marlborough: starting from $139 weekends, $99 weekdays
  • Sheraton Framingham: starting from $159 weekdays, $99 weekends
  • Sheraton Needham and DoubleTree Westborough: $99 (starting rate)


  • DoubleTree Skokie: $99 (starting rate)


  • Westin Columbus: starting from $159 weekdays, $99 weekends
  • Aloft Beachwood: $89 (starting rate)
  • Comfort Inn Piqua: $49 (starting rate)


  • DoubleTree Pittsburgh Airport: $89 (starting rate)


  • Sheraton Madison: $99 (starting rate)

Out and About

Few things compare to experiencing a change of pace to your world, and all of these destinations can do that for you. Tired of the frenetic energy of the city? Take a break in Ohio where things are just a little more casual. Staying in Beachwood puts you close to Cleveland without putting you in the heart of the action. See if Wisconsin should really get all the credit for their cheese. Check out the Winchester Mystery House when you stay in San Jose. If you’ve seen Hamilton three times on Broadway already, why not check out the real history when you visit Boston?

Your summer doesn’t have to be full of European vacations this year to be exciting. If you want to live under the Waterton umbrella and experience the many perks and luxuries we offer, call Riello today for a tour of our community!

Multiple Peaches

What Food to Pack for a Summer Picnic

Multiple PeachesNow that summer is just about here, there is no better way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air than by having a summer picnic. Summer picnics are the best way to spend quality time with family and friends at our apartments in Edgewater, New Jersey. With the summer picnic ideas below, you’ll be able to maintain your healthy way of eating and still get to spend the day outside.

Cold Chicken

Cold chicken is a classic picnic ingredient. It’s packed with protein, it’s healthy, and it’s easy to make. Just prepare roasted chicken the night before the picnic. You can make roasted chicken in your oven in your apartment in Edgewater. Just roast at 350 degrees for one hour, or until done. Refrigerate and pack up for the next day’s outdoor feast.

Roasted Asparagus Spears

Asparagus spears provide the vegetable ingredient for a healthy picnic. These cold delights don’t need to be warm to be tasty and delicious. Just prepare on a baking rack, tossed with a little olive oil and salt. Roast for 15 minutes or so, and allow to cool in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, sprinkle with a little salt just before packing up. Perfect for a picnic accompaniment.


Peaches are cool, juicy and the ideal fruity companion to a picnic feast. They don’t need much preparation beyond cutting into wedges for easier eating. Just wash, remove the pits, and quarter. Slip into a plastic storage container and remember to pack plenty of napkins to sop up their juicy goodness.

Roasted Chickpeas

For a crunchy picnic treat, try roasted chickpeas. Instead of traditional potato chips, which can be overly greasy, chickpeas are a nice alternative. Just prepare cooked chickpeas by tossing with some olive oil and roasting on a baking sheet for about 20 minutes. You’d never know they were good for you by the decadent, delicious taste!

These are easy picnic dishes to prepare, and they will hold up well inside your picnic basket. Don’t forget to bring a Frisbee! To learn more about our available one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom floor plans at Riello, please contact us today.

Vase Filled With Flowers

Summer Decor Trends to Try in Your Apartment

Vase Filled With FlowersEvery season should be welcomed by those in our Edgewater apartments to get the most of it, and what better way than to start at home? Try these summer decorating tricks to brighten up your space.

Bring in the Light

Start getting into the habit of bringing your blinds up and your curtains opened. Part of getting more light into the apartment is to start taking out the things in the apartment that may absorb that light. If you have dark rugs or pillows, then now’s the time to store them away until winter.

Add Color to Small Spaces

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start in an apartment, so start concentrating on the smaller spaces. Change out your bedspread for a floral pattern, or buy a few new plates to add some life to your dishes (and kitchen cabinets). Even an end table can create a fun pop of color if you know how to give it the right treatment. Just add a bright tablecloth, a vibrant lamp, and a few bowls full of summer treats like fruit or candy.

Bring in Different Smells

To heighten the fresh scents of summer, take your apple-spice candles off the coffee table and replace them with something a little more appropriate. Or buy potpourri of the flowers you love most during this season. And of course, nothing beats fresh flowers for our apartments in Edgewater (though they can be a bit of a splurge).

Set Up a Serving Station

Summer cocktails are always in style, so create a fun space to house everything you need to make your favorites. This is definitely a must if you plan on entertaining a lot over the next few months. For those who love to host, a fun serving station will create a focal point and a place to gather around.

Summer is the time to wake up and smell the roses. Give your apartment a little more flair before the autumn winds start to cool everything down. If you’re looking for a new place that puts you near the center of it all, then consider Riello as your next home. Give us a call to find out more about our available floor plans.

Stack of Pancakes

4 Brunch Spots to Try in Edgewater This Summer

Stack of PancakesWhether your job slows down or heats up during summer, you’re going to need a few weekend brunch staples to make your late mornings a little more relaxing. If you’re in Edgewater apartments and looking for a new place to try, consider one of these four options for a little more flavor on your Saturdays and Sundays.

Marmaris Cafe

When you’re in the mood for something besides eggs and pancakes, try Marmaris for an authentic Turkish breakfast. While you’ll recognize many of the menu items, you’ll get a slightly different experience on everything from the bread to the cheese to the coffee.

The Original Pancake House

When all you want is the perfect stack with butter and syrup dripping down the sides, visit The Original Pancake House for some seriously good pancakes. You won’t find a lot more on the menu besides the basic breakfast fare, but that’s entirely acceptable when you know what you want. People like this place for the casual atmosphere, excellent coffee, and quality ingredients and flavors.

Simit & Smith

Regulars love this place for their Turkish tea, sandwiches, and pastries, but the chefs also throw in a few curveballs like chipotle aioli to spice things up. Located just minutes away in Cliffside Park, the menu is full of dishes that would be as delicious at 8 a.m. as they would be around noon. Try the Merhaba with eggs, sausage and cheese when you’re craving something filling after a fun night out.

Daisy’s Grill

You’ll find classic dishes at Daisy’s Grill that cater to Americans who like big portions that satisfy. Find an extensive menu with practically every dish you can imagine, from omelets to fish and chips. Definitely stop here if you’re looking for friendly service and a classy ambiance. It’s worth a visit for the impressive stonework alone.

Wherever you go for brunch this summer, start making friends with the people who serve you. Edgewater is best enjoyed when you make your own community here. If you’re looking for an apartment community that encourages a sense of belonging, come take a tour of Riello. Give us a call today to let us know what you’re looking for and how we can help you find your new home.

Lake and Trees

3 Short Getaway Ideas You Can Do This Month

Lake and TreesVacations are an important part of a happy, healthy life. You need to escape from time to time in order to recharge. But if you are like most people, you only have so much vacation time—or none at all. Short getaways are the ideal solution in such a situation. You can get out of town, take a break and have a new experience, without needing to take a day off.

3 Quick Getaways in the Tri-State Area

1. Mohonk Mountain House

You would be hard-pressed to find a more scenic getaway than the Mohonk Mountain House. The Victorian castle resort was built in 1869 and is an official National Historic Landmark. Situated on 40,000 acres of forest, the waterfront property combines classic architecture and an eye for detail with all the modern conveniences you expect from a hotel. With an onsite spa, farm-to-table restaurant and plenty of activities, you can truly get away at Mohonk Mountain House.

2. Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May claims to be “The Nation’s Oldest Seashore Resort,” a beautiful seaside town with all the trappings of an oceanside community. You can enjoy clean, spacious beaches, charming neighborhoods and plenty of delicious restaurants in Cape May while exploring the various historical landmarks. Cape May is also famous for its polished quartz, which can be found along the beach in certain areas.

3. Mystic, Connecticut

If you are into history, you will want to check out Mystic, Connecticut. Settled in 1654, Mystic happens to be one of the oldest ports for whaling and shipbuilding in the country. There is plenty to explore here as you attempt to learn about the history of some of the most important industries in early America. Beyond shipbuilding and whaling, Mystic is also home to a number of historic homes, as well as an aquarium.

Helping You Get the Most Out of the Edgewater Area

At Riello Apartments, we want you to be able to take full advantage of everything Edgewater and the surrounding areas have to offer. We encourage you to contact our team if you would like more information about our Edgewater apartments. We are here to assist you in any way we can!

The Pool at Riello

Join Us for a Memorial Day Barbecue!

The Pool at RielloMark your calendars because we have a community event that you won’t want to miss. This Memorial Day, we are inviting residents of our apartments in Edgewater, New Jersey to an exclusive community barbecue. Come join us for a few relaxing hours as you meet your neighbors, lounge poolside and enjoy some tasty hamburgers or hot dogs fresh off the grill.

The Perfect Opportunity to Meet Your Neighbors

Considering how busy our lives are, it is no surprise that we don’t always have time to get out and meet our neighbors. That is exactly why we are hosting this community barbecue.

The goal of this community event is to provide residents of our apartments with the opportunity to come and meet some of their neighbors. Everyone in attendance at the barbecue will be gathering together to enjoy the nice weather, eat lunch and hopefully make some new friends.

The Official Start of Summer

Memorial Day is often viewed as the official start of summer. That is why in addition to having a community barbecue, we are officially opening our pool. Grab your sunscreen, swimsuits and beach towels and kick off the summer by spending a relaxing and fun day in our heated outdoor pool.

Feel Free to Drop by for a Few Minutes or for the Entire Event

Residents are encouraged to stop by this community event. You are encouraged to stop by our barbecue, whether you can only stay for a few minutes and give everyone a quick “hello” or you want to stay for the entire event.

Community Event Details for the Memorial Day BBQ

The barbecue will be held at our onsite outdoor pool. It will be held on May 27, 2017 from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. There is no need to make a reservation, just show up and take part in the festivities.

We enjoy having community events like this here at Riello. Email or call our office today to schedule a tour of our apartments in Edgewater, NJ. Our community has a variety of one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom floor plans. We look forward to showing you why you should make Riello Apartments your new home.

Variety of Vegetables

3 Healthy Recipes to Try in Your Apartment

Variety of VegetablesSpring has sprung, so it’s time for fresh local produce that will keep you out and energized enjoying the gorgeous weather. Here are some of our favorite healthy and delicious dishes you can make in the gourmet style kitchen that comes with your new  Edgewater apartment.

1. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes With Watercress Chimichurri

Watercress isn’t just for tea sandwiches and salads anymore. These hearty stuffed, twice-baked sweet potatoes can be filled with the vegetables and tangy cheeses of your choice, with chewy broccolini or broccoli rabe offering the perfect contrast to the sharp cheese and mellow, pillow-soft sweet potatoes. The stuffed sweet potatoes are then liberally drizzled with a twist on a classic Argentinian condiment, chimichurri sauce, that uses watercress instead of parsley so it has a little less bite, but plenty of flavor.

2. Watermelon and Arugula Chicken Salad

This colorful and crisp fresh salad is packed with protein from the healthy grilled chicken and sliced almond topping for extra crunch. The tang from the fresh arugula, diced onions, and sprigs of fresh mint make this bright salad the perfect dish to spring right out of those winter blues. The mix of protein, vegetables and fruit also makes for a balanced dish that is an ideal post-workout meal.

3. Grilled Veggie and Goat Cheese Wraps

These filling wraps are perfect for using up leftover veggies and proteins (like tofu or grilled chicken) and for taking with you to work or on the go. The olives and goat cheese (or feta cheese) add a Mediterranean flair while large romaine or Boston lettuce leaves add some delightful crunch or smoothness to balance out the chewy mushrooms and eggplant. Multi-grain or gluten-free tortilla wraps can add a significant amount of fiber and healthy whole grains without sacrificing a delicious outer shell to hold in the veggies and cheese.

Riello offers luxurious living just minutes away from New York City in Edgewater, NJ. Many gourmet shops and premier grocery stores are right at your fingertips so you can live a healthy lifestyle with ease.

With an on-site jacuzzi, car wash station, and many other amenities you won’t be able to wait to call Riello home. Contact us today to inquire about available floor plans.

Maine Coons

Cat Breeds That are Purrfect for First-Time Owners

Maine CoonsNot all cats are meant for all people. Some owners love a challenge, while others just want a hassle-free kitty who doesn’t get into too much trouble. For first-time owners, it’s normally best to go with the friendly breeds who aren’t particularly high maintenance.

Maine Coon

Beloved for its easy-going nature, you’ll find that this cat is a lot more like a puppy than the stereotypical anti-social cat. You can play fetch with a Maine Coon, or take them for walks on a leash. They even travel well!

American Shorthair

If you want to adopt from a shelter, domestic shorthairs will likely be the most popular cats there. The only problem with the domestic variety is that their behavior can be difficult to predict. The American Shorthair is the official pedigreed version, and they’re known for being expert hunters and sweet companions to the whole family.

Scottish Fold

For a look at what cats look like across the pond, the Scottish fold cat is easily identified due to their folded down ears. They’re also known for being active and sweet. Scottish Fold cats won’t shy away from new visitors, but they may be a little too curious when it comes to what you’re up to. Meaning, they may not leave you alone very often.


If you’re particularly attracted to smart animals, the Siamese is going to be the breed for you. They’re very easy to take care of when it comes to grooming because the coat is short enough that you won’t need to do much upkeep. Siamese cats are known for being a little demanding though, so keep that in mind if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to them.

General Tips

Just because you haven’t liked previous cats you’ve met, doesn’t mean you won’t like them all. Finding a cat is all about knowing your own personality, and then choosing a cat to complement you! Always try to find a cat in a shelter first, but if not, you can still give a pedigree the home they deserve.

The Riello welcomes animal lovers, and would love to host your cat in our Edgewater apartments. If you have questions about our facilities, rules, or staff, give us a call today to discuss your dream living space!

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